Humber Valley via Old Mill

The Humber Valley’s majesty is no more evident then when you’re in it, on your bike. Start off from Old Mill TTC subway station, and follow the Humber River north over 30 kms of bikeways – and a few on road stretches through Weston and Etobicoke – that meander through and alongside the famous ravine. Then turn around and head back, downhill!


RIDE 15.0: Humber Valley Bikeway, via OLD MILL TTC subway – 28 kms / 56 kms return

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Route Notes

  • Exit at the west end of Old Mill station, turn right/north, go past the driveway
  • Follow the “Discovery Walk” signs and turn right to go down the hill to the riverside bikepath
  • When you’ve cycled as far as you want to go north, turn around and come back!
  • Be careful on the popular path, it can be crowded at times.
  • The Toronto Cycling Map is your best bet to finding your way and having a great day.

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