Aldershot to Royal Botanical Gardens

A visit to the RBG by bike from the Aldershot GO train station, along  the Pains Rd. bike lane or Waterfront Trail, is one of the easiest and family friendly inter-modal day trips on This route takes you through Burlington suburban waterfront, neighbourhoods, and cemeteries! All the way to a great day at the Royal Botanical Gardens.


RIDE 6.0: ALDERSHOT GO train station to ROYAL BOTANICAL GARDENS, via York Blvd. Bikelane4.5 kms

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Ride Notes

  • Print and bring Waterfront Trail Maps – Burlington (Orange Trail #2)
  • Exit Aldershot train station to the southeast, cross the parking lot to Masonry Cr. west to Waterdown Rd. south
  • Head to Plains Rd W (bike lane) and turn right/west – to Spring Gardens Rd or the lights at Botanical Dr, and turn left.
  • Alternately, continue south on Waterdown Rd to join the Waterfront Trail west at North Shore Blvd
  • The entrance to the Royal Botanical Gardens is on Spring gardens Rd, just south of Plains Rd W
  • Please note: No cycling permitted within the Botanical Gardens!

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