Aberfoyle to Aldershot

The greenbelt north of Burlington is great bike country. Get there by GO bus from downtown Toronto, transfer at Meadowvale, and get off at Aberfoyle to ride the back roads and Lafarge Trail south to the GO train at Aldershot. Have dinner on main street Flamborough. Then it’s south down Waterford Rd. to the train, GO bus or HSR bus home.


RIDE 7.0: ABERFOYLE GO bus stop to ALDERSHOT GO train, via the Lafarge Trail60 kms

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Route Notes 

  • Weekdays only – suggested for adults only. Be sure to talk to the bus driver about where you’re headed, to make sure you’re on the bus that transfers to Aberfoyle at the Meadowvale GO train station. The driver will radio ahead to guarantee your transfer.
  • Take the GO Bus #21 (Milton) from the GO Bus Terminal at Union Station, transfer at Meadowview to Bus #29 (Guelph) or Bus #31 (U of Guelph) and get off at the Aberfoyle ‘park n ride’.
  • CAUTION: From the GO Bus stop at Aberfoyle, take Maclean Rd. west only, past quarries – watch for gravel trucks! – to 2nd Concession south to Gore Rd. and the Lafarge Trail. Highway 6 should be avoided!
  • The Hamilton Bike Routes, Trails & Parks bike map is best to show you the way to Aldershot station. The Burlington Transit & Trails Map will get you all the way to Appleby.

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