Aldershot to Hamilton Harbour

The Aldershot train station is your launching pad for some great cycling. This route takes you along the Waterfront Trail through Burlington neighbourhoods and on to the Royal Botanical Gardens, Dundurn Castle, Hamilton’s West Harbour, the Marine Discovery Centre and HMCS Haida. On your way you pass over Cootes Paradise,.. what a view!


RIDE 8.0: ALDERSHOT GO train station to HAMILTON HARBOUR, via the Waterfront Trail20 kms / 40 kms return

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Ride Notes

  • Exit Aldershot GO/VIA train station to the southeast, cross the parking lot to Masonry Cr, to Waterdown Rd south
  • Head to Plains Rd W (bike lane) and turn right / west
  • Or continue south on Waterdown to join the Waterfront Trail west at North Shore Blvd
  • Plains Rd and the Trans Canada Trail will lead you past the Royal Botanical Gardens and west to York Blvd south
  • The bridge at Old Guelph Rd. is closed to cars – but open to bikes – and pedestrians!
  • Once on York – ride the east sidewalk south (it is the Waterfront Trail), or cross to the bikelane on the west side
  • Historic Dundurn Castle is just past the bike stairs, go ahead and double back – GET HAMILTON BIKE MAPS THERE!
  • At the bottom of the bike stairs, turn left for a short ride on the Desjardins Trail. Return for a nice long ride east along the inner harbour to the Marine Discovery Centre
  • Return to Aldershot to return home. Hamiltonians catch HSR Bus #1 from downtown to Aldershot to start your daytrip!

Ride Maps

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