What to Bring

A great way to travel by bike and transit is with three things: 1) a front or side basket, 2) a carry-all shopping bag to put in the front or side basket, and 3) a secure (but not too heavy) bike lock. Flexibility is key when placing your bike into a bus bike rack, grabbing your bag and lock, and getting on the bus – or locking up your bike downstairs on the GO train and heading upstairs to enjoy the view!

A removable handlebar bag to carry your phone, camera and essential tools – is also very useful; one with a clear plastic map holder. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll find yourself referring to the map on most trips.

Here’s what you’ll need for the best bikes and transit ride ever… yes, ever!

  • water, food, snacks, picnic lunch/supper
  • sunscreen, bug repellant
  • raincoat or umbrella
  • appropriate tools, tube, patch kit, pump
  • small first aid kit
  • tissue and/or toilet paper, small towel
  • a make-up mirror – should you get a bug in your eye
  • Waterfront Trail Map print outs – to not get lost!
  • local cycling and transit map(s) – to not get more lost!
  • credit card – for automated transit ticket tellers
  • a clean Tshirt – to change into for the air conditioned (cold) transit ride home
  • and a camera!

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Donald Wiedman © 2018